Complaint: After 8 years building a business, I moved my seafood restaurant and market to a larger location 6 miles away. Several months after I relocated, the old location opened the doors and started selling to the public pretending to be my business and actually going to public events handing out flyers and telling the public that they owned my NEW location as well. After I took him to court and the Judge ordered him to stop using my business name and to not confuse the public ( he signed papers in court to these facts), he is STILL using the name and telling the public he is associated with my location. It has been 2 1/2/ years since I have moved and he is STILL an imposter and a fraud. My name is Shelly and I own this business in Spotsylvania, Virginia.

Tags: Restaurants

Address: 8624 Courthouse Rd Spotsylvania, Virginia United States of America


Phone: 540-582-5359