I purchased, for $2,600, a new John Deere Z235 zero-turn mower via Lowes.com in March 2014. The unit did not run correctly – with engine racing and then stalling repeatedly when used on a hill – from the first day of operation. It has been evaluated four times — over a period of nine weeks out of my possession – by the Akron, Ohio, area John Deere dealer, who could not identify and correct the problem. I am now in season 2 with this mower and it is almost totally inoperable, with repeated stalling/lurching anytime it is mowing on a modest incline. I have contacted Lowes multiple times, and they point me to Deere. Deere says it’s a Lowe’s issue. Meanwhile, I am out $2,600 – plus a $300 extended warranty! – and am getting absolutely no satisfaction. I tookm the unit to a third party equipment dealer for their appraisal and was told the unit has either a faulty carburetor or an internal engine problem. They recommended that I demand a replacement unit. I have done that twice, but cannot get a response from Lowes or Deere. An attorney is my next call.

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