I HAVE A L110 JOHN DEERE RIDING MOWER THAT IS 8 YRS OD. IT IS REPAIRED EVERY YR. THE MOWER DECK BELT, THE DRIVE BELTS AND THE ENGINE HAVE REQUIRED REPAIR EVERY YEAR. THE BELTS STRECH AND BREAK. TWICE THIS YEAR.I have to replaced the mower belts every year. That’s eight time. The engine was repair 3 times. The drive belts twice. The mechanic can’t find out why the belts slip and burst. I keep the mower in doors. I blow the grass clippings off the mower deck when done mowing. I really think John Deere. doesn’t know how to build a mower. The John Deere repair shop has yet to solve the problems. It has a Kholer engine, but the main problem is Chinese belts. Never Never buy a Johnn Deere product. They are junk and expensive junk at that. NOTHING RUNS LIKE A DEERE BECAUSE MINE DOESN’T RUN. I HAVE NOW PAID FOR IT TWICE BECAUSE OF REPAIRS. $290 THIS YEAR SO FAR THIS YEAR. BOB MARION, WI

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