Complaint: May 11, 2002 (Mother’s Day). I purchased a 1997 Mercury Mountaineer, from Empire Olds (out of business approx 3-6 mos later). I also purchased an extended warranty from Empire Olds. In July 02, I started having a few problems with my purchase and was happy for the warranty purchase because I tried to make sure it covered anything I knew I would never be able to afford with out it. In, on or about June, July 2002, this is a quick and nasty version of my problems, about electrical concerns, lighter inoperation, vehicle seem to run hot, vehicle inspection, c/d does not read c/d’s, on accellerate customer can hear a rattle, replace battery, check for noise when driving, check for clicking in morning, check cruise control is inoperate, check for coolant leaks, vehicle inspection (2nd) replace wiper blades, 8cyl tune-up, check noise in front end, steering concerns, perform chassis lubrication, change oil and filter, inspect all? No after all of the inspecting, after steering concerns, on or about 7-14-02, I am being informed I need BALL JOINTS AND CAMBER SHEMS, THE WARRANTY CO. WE WERE SCAMMING, BECAUSE WE KEPT FIXING STUFF WE FELT WOULD GARNER A LARGER REPAIR PAYMENT NOT NEEDED, IS BANKRUPT, AND WE CANNOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM ANY MORE, AND WE AT JOHN ELWAY DO NOT CARE IF YOU REQUESTED WE CHECK YOUR VEHICLE STEERING, AND NOISE CONCERNS IN THE FRONT END AND REPAIR IT IN THE BEGINNING. Help ? L Denver, ColoradoU.S.A.

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