A couple with 3 kids will call you and tell you they will rent a home, beg you to move and pay you next day. here are some other excuses they use: – parents just died need rent extension (dead parents will move in to live with them in a few days, you will see!) – lost drivers license – let me give it to you tomorrow – parents are not living with us – they have their own apartment – I closed big Gold sale transaction with Asians, sold airplaine engines – will pay rent in 1 week – I am a copper king, everyone knows me I had my corporate home trashed, had unauthorized visitors living in the house, went through entire eviction process. After tenants moved out they burglarized the property. All pretend to be from Egypt but a definitely gypsy, gypsies.(told me several times in their conversation) John Evans (John G Evans) – Husband (37 years old, looks like he is 50) April Evans (Samantha April Evans, Samantha McGill ) – wife Louis McGill (April’s Father) Nancy McGill (April’s Mother) Initially can enter into rental agreement under any of these names. All previously lived in PA, and DE. John has warrants for his arrest in both states. John is currently living around Houston, TX area, buys junk precious metals, gold, copper, xray films from medical offices, etc. Moved to Houston, Texas April 27, 2013. I have a judgement from the court in the amount of $8,000. Plus $5,000 in property damages. And Eviction.

14318 Double Shoals Cir Houston, Texas USA


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