Complaint: i worked fot john hackworth hackworth trucking in clyde oh he did not pay me for several weeks he said that he was having problems with the people he contracted to and that it had happended before but it would be striagtened out soon in good faith i continued to work for him and i incured a ticket at a scale house in kentucky because his trucks were not regestered in ky well needless to say he said he took care of the ticket and when he still could not pay me i sought work else where when i found another job the day i was to leave out i found out my license was suspended because he did not pay the ticket so i had to pay for reinstatement of my license i worked for a company for 16yrs before i went to work for hackworth and have several safe driving awards no violations on my driving record he caused me much hardship both finacally and mentaly my family suffered from this also my wife is sick and her meds are expensive since then i have been diagnosed with medical problems myself i took him to small claims court and they found judgment against him and he has still not paid me what he owes me judgment was for 548.00 dollars he told me he would pay me in two weeks it as been four months and he as not payed me i am going to go back to court and i will until i receive my money my advice to every one is dont go to work with john hackworth unless you like working for nothing

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

Address: 101 s woodlawn ave clyde, Ohio United States of America