We are getting email back in May saying that we owe mony for a loan that they we took out. In May the 1st email was from Cynthia Wilson asking us to send a money gram for $410.00 in which we did. They said that they can not get the money gram so that had us get 600 in 100 Apple I tunes gifts cards and 200 in 50 dollars in Apple I tune gift card for a total of $ 1200. They wanted us to give them more we end up filing a police report. The next email we got from Ahely Walker saying there is,a arrest warrant. And the last one is from Harrison Law Firm saying that your are hereby notified that a lawsuit has been filed a against me. That are not stating which one of the 350 online cash website. We have paid off all the loans we had taking out. If you you have any questions you can call me your my wife Sheryl johnson.(((REDACTED))). We have everything document.

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