Puchased a time share at Magens Bay Tropical Leisure Resort in St. Thomas, VI, Unit 103, week 7 on-line on 3/16/05 for $2,500.00. The place burnt down on 1/16/06 and I never got to use this place at all, never been there. A representative of this resort got in touch with me and offered for me to give the place up so I would not have to pay maintenance fees and I agreed. He told me what to say in the letter and I did exactly what he told me to do. Then I received a computer print out stating I relinquished the unit on 3/14/06. Never heard from them again. Kept paper work for 9 years, Just recently got rid of it all except for the computer print out they sent to me stating property relinquished on 3/14/06. Back in August of this year I received an e-mail from this guy John Jureidini telling me I have not paid maintence fee’s for 9 years and owe them 10,000.00. This guy is a scum bag and is trying to rip people off. I read all about him on-line he is great for ripping people off. Now he filed a summons in the small claims court in St. Thomas and I am suppose to be there on 11/18/15 and the summons states no lawyers allowed. I am unable to travel down there to represent myself and just don’t know what to do. I got intouch with the Attorney Generals Office here in Boston but to my surprise they were not much help. It is only a mediation process and the other party does not have to agree to it. Have not heard anything as of today. This guy John Jureidini keeps threatenting me with e-mails stating they are going to levy my income and a lot of other things. He also calls me at my place of employment and leave nasty messages. This guy needs to be stopped and fast. Please help.

Magens Bay Road St. Thomas, Other USA

340 690 3760

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