A Bigoted Racist. He Fired a Guy Due to His Race.
John Markwalter is a hateful bigoted racist who fired my friend just because of his race. My friend used to work there as an associate; he had joined that company just a few months prior to his firing.
My friend, who I’d call Mike in this  article, is a very talented and hard working person. When he had joined John’s company he hoped to become a financial adviser too. In fact he was planning on getting a CFP certificate in the future. He had no idea that he was working under a racist bigot who hated him only because of his race. 
When Mike had joined CIBC Private Wealth Management initially, we all were very happy for him. I used to envy him to bag a job at one of the most prestigious finance companies and I was shocked to find out that he didn’t have that job anymore. And I was

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