I was looking for a male Golden retriever puppy online. All the other pups were well over a thousand dollars…then I came across a male puppy…beautiful little guy. I was wanting a male to raise and breed with my female who was very expensive…so this deal sort of struck me odd. First this guy says shipping was included in the price…which is only $400. So that was trange …too cheap! Here is the ad…s nname jack nbreed Golden Retriever nsex male nprice $400 nshipping included yes nships united states nregisterable (AKC, UKC, etc.) yes nage 9 weeks nlisted 1 week ago nchampion bloodlines yes nhealth certificate yes nhealth guarantee yes nHere is the correspondance between this guy and myself: nMy initial email to him: nHello john.nThis message was submitted via puppypassport.com‘s contact form:nPlease send me more information on this puppy. The price you have listed does it include shipping charges? If not, then how much would total cost be to Tupelo, MS? nOur Scam Prevention Software has decided that this person sent this email from: UNITED STATES nHis reply to me: nYeah Jack is still available,The puppy is Vet checked and upto date on all Shots and is current on vaccination. The Shipping Includes the puppy’s Certified Health Certificate, Worming Records, Vaccination Records, crates and a Starter Kit for the Puppy and also The puppy Toy. Our puppy is very loved and we work very hard for them, so we only sell to approved loving homes!.i accept money gram.. Send the money via money gram to this info below.Yeah it inlcude shipment cost nmoney gram text question:what are you buying?nMoney gram text answerog nwhen y send it send me the money gram refrence number and when i confirm that u send it..Jack Will be ready for shipment to you….Pls Make sure u send me ur shipping address along with the mail you gone send… nJohn nMy reply back to him: nJohn, nI will discuss buying Jack with my husband and let you know ASAP. You don’t have to worry about us not being a good home for this adorable puppy…we already have one Golden retriever and she is like a member of our family. She brings us so much enjoyment that we have been discussing buying another one. nThanks for responding. nLibby nHis Response:n’nhello libby..nThank you so much for ur mail…alright i’ll be waiting for ur mail..ok…I am sure that jack is gone be a good friend to ur family ok..njohn nThen a red flag went up…first if he only sales to loving homes then why no questions and why nothing more than an email is he ready to ship this puppy??? Here was my response back to him… nJohn, nHI, I hope you are well. I have a few questions for you. First can you tell me how many were in this particular litter of pups that Jack was born? Also can you give me your NEBA registration number so I can validate it? Also I need Jack’s AKC registration number so I can check his bloodlines. nAlso…I would like your a telephone number and a physical address. This is to validate your information. I’m sure you can understand that I cannot just send you $400 dollars without validation. nI would also like to see more pictures of Jack. This is to also validate that you do indeed have this particular pup for sale. Also I would like to either go through an escrow payment service or some other sort where the payer can be validated. nAny other information you can send about the puppy…his father and Mother’s names would be most helpful as well. nI’ll need the vet’s name as well as a couple of references of people you have sold pups to. nI hope none of the questions or requests upset you…this is all to ensure validation. There is quite a bit of fraud on the net these days and I can’t allow myself to fall victom. n.nNo response from this seller after requesting more info…however he did keep responding to my son’s email until I ask for a phone number and one personal reference. He will correspond asking for a money gram until you ask for more information to validate his identity such as a phone numbet or if you ask for another way to pay him…any way that will protect you…nThis guy is a scam artist! nElizabethnMcRoberts, MississippiU.S.A.

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