Liar Cheater Man

This man is sick and dangerous. He hurts woman and children. He is a master liar and manipulator. Beware of this man he is capable if almost anything. If he wants your money – your property – your life- he WILL take it from you and then he will turn it all around to authorities that it is your fault. If you have been involved with him go to the doctor and get checked out . If he has used your phone or computer change your numbers or he will TRACK you and stalk you. Delete or block him from any and all of your social media sites as he will hack in and ruin your life if he has opportunity. DONT fall for his apologies or excuses he is a sick sociopath and is only interested in how he can use those around him to his benefit . He is a very sick man and no matter what you want to believe – he can NEVER change!