Where do I begin, My husband and I had been married about 3 years but together about 10 at the time. I was really preoccupied with being a mom first off to 3 little boys, a full time student and worked full time so my plate was really full. I thought my husband understood but apparently instead of talking to me about how he felt he befriended this bitch at his work. She knew he was married with kids but apparently that was her thing, she looked for men in high positions to “befriend” so she could get special treatment at work and in the parking lot! || My husband said it hadn’t crossed his mind to cheat but she would ask him things about me then turn them around to make me sound bad, so apparently I was selfish for pursing my degree and not having time for him, she would never do that. Probably cause she doesn’t have the intellect to obtain a degree! Anyhow, over the months I noticed he was distant, cold and just a totally different person. He was always angry and seemed so miserable around me and the kids. He would always listen to Mexican music I guess that’s what she liked. Finally one night we got into a huge fight when I saw her facebook on his phone, I confronted him he got defensive and left. The next morning I called a mutual friend also a coworker of theirs and she confirmed my worst suspicions. I was furious I went over to his family’s house where he stayed and broke his damn lights to his car, immature yes, but I was pissed. I deserved respect and honesty! || The next two years were living hell, he literally lived two lives one as my doting husband desperate to make it up to me going to counseling and all and her boyfriend who had a million excuses why he couldn’t go the weekends with her or why he could only text from the home computer but her stupid ass was still there it was VERY OBVIOUS he was home but she believed his stupid stories, for instance once he told her he couldn’t go to her house the weekend cause he left his keys in his aunts car and she’s out of town for weekend.  Oh one of my favorites he was hiding out from cops cause him and my step dad got in a fight…LMFAO! Let me tell you this girl is really f*cking stupid. The second he could slip away or we got in a fight and I’d throw him out he’d call her and she was ready and willing. I read so many emails between this stupid ass bitch and my husband it’s pathetic. Kind of like her. lol I swear homewrecking woman have no brains…if your boyfriend is single and filing for divorce why do you have to buy him a cell phone to hide that he can only call or text you at certain hours? I mean it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this shit out. || Not only that the bitch lived an hour away she actually got an apartment in our city paid for everything and he still didn’t move in with her!  Really what could have been his excuse that was so good to believe he was still single and filing for divorce, come on!  None the less when he could get away to f*ck her she was there like a FOOL! She has the audacity to call me stupid and a fool, Honey I made vows we have 3 children a home and whole lot of invested time and finances, I my dear have a reason to fight for my marriage!  What are you fighting for a few f*cks in the backseat of your car after work, he didn’t even get a hotel to fuck you! WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT TELL YA!!! || The bitch then became psychotic texting me stupid shit when she was drunk and lonely, finally had to change my number to not have to deal with the rants of a drunken pathetic person. || She’s really a poor excuse for a human being and a Mother, I feel so sorry for her kid! Any person who would wish 3 innocent children dead so they can continue to fuck someone who was never even REAL with them is a bitch and doesn’t deserve to be loved. I only hope dear Karma takes care of her and gives her a life of loneliness when all she really wants is a husband and stable family! Karmas a Bitch! I’m going to move on with my life with my husband we are stronger now and have even added to our family and I only pray this DOG gets her day because it will come when she falls in love and someone just like her comes along and does what she did to me and my kids!