Complaint: I live near the Burger King on N.W. 23rd and Meridian. I loved coming to eat here-I would bring my family. It was a clean environment, smiling staff, the manager in the white shirt was friendly. Then I found out some disturbing news I just had to warn everyone about. Don’t let that Captain Kirk look fool you. I found out by watching the people he is around that he is a part of the Aryan Brotherhood. One of the black females came to me and said this. She said he drugs the food of all the black female employees and has strange and various sexual relations and encounters with them. If anyone doesn’t cooperate he holds their employment over their heads. He did this to the lady who told me this. She gave me a warning that he has a gang symbol tatooed on his right butt cheek. She saw that when he was done harming her and he was walking away. So avoid this man, he is a major scumbag, and the next time he smiles at your lady, if she fits the profile of what he likes to control, ask yourself ‘what is that crazed sex freak thinking of doing to her?’ I have stopped going here with my family, as I have a pretty teenage daughter, and I would strongly encourage you to do the same. I will gladly walk a little further to ensure the safety of my family.

Tags: Work Place Bullies

Address: 4525 NW 23 St Okc, Oklahoma United States of America


Phone: 4054884267