Complaint: I was a student at Jones Internatinal University when I stay in Dyersburg TN. I was told that they send me informations about the University closing. I didn’t get no dead line dates, informations about University closing. I recent called and now they tell me that I can’t get no intership information to completed my degree. I have completed Leadership, Administrative, Educational courses of 15 courses. I have a GPA 3.36 and now the college that is suppose to help with the finishes of the degree is saying that they cann’t help me. American College Educational and Trident University telling me that I have to started all back over. I have Fed loan to pay that is over One thousand dollars and I can’t get my degree. I don’t think this fair if feels if I have already taken the classes I should be able to take my intership and get my degree. They are asking me to take more classes over which will cost over seven thousand dollars Gloria J Smith Jonesboro ARK

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