Complaint: I am just another one of Jordon Schultz victims who paid $5000 for his Mobile CPA group coaching that went over 8 weeks and promised that at the end of the 8 weeks we would at least have made back the investment, else, you would personally work with you t get there. Well, what a load of rubbish! First, he gets you to spend thousands more on outdated tactics and throughout the 8 weeks he constantly contradicts himself! Guess when you lie that much you bound to not be able to keep up with yourself. I really wasn’t expecting it all to be done for me and be a massive success over night but what I was hoping for was just for a coach to answer my questions when I got stuck because as it goes when you learning and applying anything new, you are always going to get stuck and have questions. That hope was shattered the first time I emailed the support email when I got a generic response along the lines of, “you can take a horse to water but you cannot make it drink””… So much for answering the questions I had about marketing strategy! Anyway

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Address: I could go on all day ranting about this but instead I am going to focus on something more positive and leave you with a closing comment of