On December 14, 2006, I placed an order for one plaid shirt, three pairs of pants, one goatsuede baseball jacket and one monogrammed shirt. I figured that the monogrammed shirt would take longer, but wasn’t worried about it. On December 20, I noticed that the price was significantly different for the plaid shirt and the goatsuede jacket. On December 21, 2006, I emailed customer service to request that the prices be adjusted since it was within a week of my order. nNo response. nOn December 24, 2006, my husband opened the monogrammed shirt. The monogrammed was something indecipherable, but appeared to be “GGJ”” instead of “”GFJ.”” You cannot see their entire alphabet of monograms to know

for sure

what the letters were supposed to be. nI again emailed customer service. No response. nOn January 3


I faxed my complaints to the company. nNo response. nOn January 8