Complaint: BEWARE – Jose Benjamin Ortiz, DOB 06.02.1975, living with his uncle and brother at (((redacted))) Dallas TX 75227 is a LIAR, a CHEATER, a THIEF, and all around disgraceful excusse for a human being. He will LIE to your face about anything – and he’s got an excuse for everything – and will SUCK your FINANCES DRY with no regard, promising to pay you back, return favors, etc. He is a SWINDLING SCAMMING LYING D-BAG, not to be trusted. He will say all the women he dates before are “crazy”” and””cheated””

Tags: Sex Offenders

Address: etc… when in reality – it’s him. CONNING vulnerable single mothers fighting cancer out of their HARD EARNED MONEY!! Promising return on investment

Website: BEWARE!!! He will try to make you feel sorry for him but there is a GOOD REASON he is already almost 40 years old

Phone: and delivering SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES and FALSE PROMISES!! Nothing but a DRUNKARD and a WANNA BE PLAYER! Wanna be because he is NOT SUCCESSFUL