Hired Jose Dominguez feb. 20, 2014. At first, install went well, then delays.. Jose even had sleepovers to speed the install. However, then the job began to drag. He was using ladders and a power tool he didn’t own. Working in the basement instead of the attics, I finally began to see his inexperience. Code violations, three weeks late, badly frayed refrigerant insulation, poor through wall inlets/exhausts, bore holes through support beams, poor ductwork, multiple issues there, damage to flooring. Licence number 200471/ 200484. I now have to hire additional trades to attempt repairs. Wish that I had seen the previous report. Jose Dominguez comes across as a humble professional, but in reality he is a rank amateur who knows little about plumbing codes, building codes, etc. DO NOT HIRE HIM AT YOUR PERIL!!!!

147 norway av. 3a staten island, New York USA


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