Married? Single? Taken? Who da f**k knows! He screws up his own relationships because he thinks he’s better than everyone and is God’s gift. Only a coward would cheat on his wife and do whatever he wants instead of talking to her about the problem. He cheated on his wife and can’t stay faithful to anyone. Sweetheart wrecked his own home and every relationship he’s had. He has several online profiles he set up long before he was even divorced and continued to keep them up, trolling for women even if he had someone. He strings them along while hitting on women left and right, acting all thirsty and desperate. Texting, making out, inappropriate comments and messages are all cheating and he does them all. I’ve never met anyone so desperate and hypocritical saying he’s honest and takes commitments seriously but strings us along. He talks a big game and is all smooth but it’s to compensate. A middle aged guy who doesn’t know a good thing or appreciate it if it bit his tiny d*ck off. Stay away unless you like playing games.