Joseph Koch is a Lying, Thieving, Piece of CRAP! Do not do business with this SCUMBAG! I made the mistake of doing business with this THIEF and have been trying to get my money back for over 2 years now! I’ve gotten back some of my money, after over 500 emails and phone calls, but mostly what I’ve recieved is one LIE after another! He says it’s coming, it’s almost there, the money will be this week, the money will be in a few days, I’m going to pay it all this month, etc etc etc. ALL LIES! This THIEF is a lying piece of CRAP!! According to this THIEF he’s always trying and he’s going to pay you back, but what he’s going to do is KEEP ON LYING!!! HE IS A THIEVING PIECE OF CRAP AND A LIAR!!!!! .

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