Complaint: Josh Mennen of Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, provided a legal advice which resulted in a total debacle and him abandoning my case. I approached him in relation to a personal injury matter a few years ago. He offered to act on a speculative, or No Win No Fee basis. His firm promised to ‘Fight for Fair’, and fight for a little person. It was quite the opposite in the end. Instead of fighting for me, I felt they were acting against me in the end and that they turned against me, their client. Josh Mennen promised to deliver a good payout. In the end, he achieved nothing. The legal teams acting for the banks totally ‘smashed’ Josh Mennen and Maurice Blackburn Lawyers. My legal team was constantly late and delaying the proceedings for many months. Josh Mennen eventually jumped the ship and abandoned my legal case and ceased to act for me. What’s worse, he even accused me for being in breach of our agreement, just to be able to charge me the fees irrespective of the outcome of the matter u2013 as opposed only if a winning outcome was achieved, as originally agreed. He started demanding me to pay his fees. In the end, he blamed me for the debacle, as if I was a lawyer and not him. I feel it is not right and fair. It is beyond me how people like him can treat other human beings and their clients like that. My life is in an absolute disarray, it is completely destroyed. My family is still suffering as a result of Josh Mennen and Maurice Blackburn Lawyers acting for me in the matter. I felt totally abandoned and betrayed by my lawyer Josh Mennen of Maurice Blackburn Lawyers. Also, I felt the bill they sent to me was far too high and disproportional to the achieved outcome. I would never use the services of Maurice Blackburn Lawyers and Josh Mennen again.

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