Complaint: This buyer Carlos Martinez is actively buying items and claiming he didn’t recieve them then forcing refund and keeping the items for free. In the last 18 months he has claimed he didn’t recieve his items 8 times. It is painfully obvious he is committing fraud to the highest proprotions. He is a conning jerk who capitolizes on honest sellers. I sugesst blocking this guy at all costs. He buys item then waits until the time for arrival has elapsed then files cases with eBay and claims he didn’t recieve the item. eBay always sides with these thieves. You have no recourse. I will update any name changes he might try. He has made a nice living ripping off honest sellers on the eBay. Josu00e9 Carlos Martu00ednez Luna Lago Pu00e1tzcuaro (((REDACTED))) Queru00e9taro (((REDACTED))) Mexico

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Address: Queru00e9taro Mexico


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