Complaint: BEWARE-DO NOT BUY FROM JOURNEY’S WEBSITE. Their cancellation and return policy is not customer friendly!! First I used my cell phone and noticed that the webpages were not acting right, I changed to a tablet and recieved errors and the transactions were not going through. I then used my laptop, and then still had where the pages would route you back to the beginning after you completed the information page. I kept getting to the end of the transaction and it would start over. The pages within the website are malfunctioning which then has the customer to start over, or need to use back button or re-do the transaction. Once the transaction finally goes through, your account has been charged multiple times. Immediately I called within 10 minutes, and of course they cannot cancel or refund the order. You have to wait 5-7 days to get your merchandise(s) then as the websit says you have to pay to ship it back which is another 3-5 days and almost 1 week for processsing. So now it will be almost a month before I am refunded this astronomical fee that was caused on their behalf. GO IN THE STORE PLEASE!!

Tags: Sales People

Address: Internet USA


Phone: 18883246356