I was trying to buy a single turbo kit from this guy. I believe his real name is Ksahif Casteel, but i can’tguarantee that. We talked over email but the address to his website is, www.jpworkz.com He has changedhis website from when I looked at it to order my kit. He had a phone number and the city he was in, on his websitebefore it was changed. Although his website domain is using a proxy register to hide his identity. The deal was Iwould buy the kit from him for $2,450. I was suppose to send a deposit so he could begin fabricating the products,The deposit was $700. We made the money transactions through an app called "Cash App". I made this deposit onAug 20, 2019. He said it would be a week to make the kit, then a week to ship the kit. Once a week passed wetalked I paid him the remaining $1,750 on Aug 28, 2019. He then told me it would be ready to ship out the nextday. Once I paid him the remaining amount I didn’t get a response from him for six days.He then replied saying the kit would be there Friday, which should have been Sept 6, 2019. But I couldn’t get himto send me a tracking number. Sept 6, 2019 had passed and i hadn’t heard from him, on Sept 9, 2019 he finallysent me a tracking number but it was only a label nothing was being shipped The tracking label hasn’t changed , it is now Nov 18, 2019 and I still don’t have the products I ordered. I have asked multiple times for a refund since I have not received anything. I also cannot get a responsefrom him.