I hired Juan Contreras to install a new fence on my property in May, 2009. I gave him a $1200.00 deposit to purchase the fence and materials. He never showed up to install the fence and would not return any of my calls. I took him to Small Claims Court in November, 2009 to retrieve my $1200.00 deposit. The Judge ruled on the case and Juan was instructed he had 30 days to repay the money. The 30 days came and went and I did not receive a payment from Juan so I called him and he said he would have half of the money to me in a week. Never heard from him again. I filed another grievance with the Court in January, 2010, and had an Execution claim drawn up. The Execution is no longer valid and the Court indicated they were not able to collect any of my money from him. DO NOT HIRE THIS MAN! HE IS NOT TRUSTWORTHY AND IS A BIG RIPOFF.

138 WEST 3RD STREET BRIDGEPORT, Pennsylvania United States of America