Complaint: Judge Bruce B Tolbert, finally they removed this miserable lying piece of s*** from matrimonial bench where he was causing mayhem with his history of excepting bribes and favoring cases several years ago and in well-publicized NY law journal an LowHud News they called it the 10583 syndrome. There have been number of “shake-ups”” where corrupt criminals judges were removed starting in 2005….. Google it the proof is very clear. Judge Bruce E Tolbert has a very disturbing history not only of favoring cases for women who apparently show favoritism with monetary bribes and sexual favors among some of the disturbing actions by this lowlife that was elected as a judge this pathetic excuse of a corrupt parasite speaks volume all on it’s own

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Address: and is matter of public record

Website: including custom tailor shop in Philadelphia who Tolbert stiffed paying for dozen custom suites

Phone: including number of lawsuits against him by financial institutions