Judy Weinberg, 39 Venner Rd. Arlington, MA 02476nof Re/Max was deceptive, took our deposit and never gave it back. Being a first time home buyer, I did not know that you don’t actually have to pay a deposit to a realtor. We contacted her on October 31 concerning a property located in Arlington, ma. My husband and I were curious about the property, and asked for a showing. She said she was the realtor representing Re/Max and the property. She said we had to pay her a $150 deposit for a showing on a Sunday, this was the only time suitable for all involved. We agreed and paid $150, later finding out that realtors cannot charge for showings. My husband and I are young, and this was our first contact with anybody in the housing industry. We didn’t know any better. While at the showing, we saw a whole mess of problems, including asbestos, obviously bad plumbing, etc… She told us not to worry, because n1: asbestos is not as bad as people make it seem n2: the asbestos on the pipes was not “the bad kind anyway”” and n3: it wouldn’t cost us any more than $400 to have all of the problems taken care of. nWe continued with the showing

and paid the $150

and left.nWe went home and did a little investigating

and found that n1: Asbestos is every bit as bad as people make it seem

in fact worse than most people are aware n2: There is no good kind of Asbestos n3: It would cost up to $20