Complaint: FACT: In the last few years, there have been (2) two different investigations by the Arizona Department of Public Safety on Julian Huerta for unlicensed investigation activity. If you do business with SIU Consultant Group and Julian Huerta, I recommend clicking on this link and formally request the copies of the (2) two investigation reports where it was clearly documented that Julian Huerta was found in violation of said offenses. FACT: Julian Huerta does not have the minimum investigative experience hours to obtain an Investigator license in either Arizona or California. He tells his clients what an experienced investigator he is. In the eyes of California and Arizona, he is a rookie that DOESN’T even qualify for a license. Ask Julian Huerta why he doesn’t have an investigator license and don’t believe his fabricated story that APEX Investigations is holding his hours hostage. FACT: Before SIU Consultant Group was purchased by Marc Win of Singlepoint Insurance Services, 99% of the employees at SIU Consultant Group had either filed some type of complaint against Julian Huerta or threatened to sue the company because of Julian Huerta. After the purchase, most everyone quit because they didn’t want to work for Julian Huerta any longer. Only (2) two employees followed Julian Huerta, which were BOTH subpar investigators who knew they probably couldn’t get an investigator job anywhere else. FACT: Julian Huerta is VERY VERY VERY deliquent with his child support payments. The County of Sacramento can verify this. He always has enough money to buy his friends gifts or take them to sporting events or fly to different parts of the country to attend sporting events, but CANNOT pay his child support. FACT: Julian Huerta is a hibitual liar. He tells clients (and it’s even documented in RFP’s and in SIU Vendor Agreements) that SIU Consultant Group has “employee”” investigators throughout the United States. He tells clients that SIU Consultant Group has 20+ investigators just in California alone. SIU Consultant Group has NEVER had more than (1) one full-time and (1) one part-time surveillance investigators in California and (1) one full-time and (1) one part-time surveillance investigators in Arizona. If you are an insurance company or law firm or self-insured or a govt municipality

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