When she’s not drunkenly fucking two of her”friend’s” husbands in closets in her house or while her”friend” is in rehab against this whore’s wishes,”Who will day drink with me & get me my candy(Ativan) if she’s in rehab?” then this 46-yr-old squeezes all of herself into clothes 25 years too young & miles too short & tight for her saggy breasted, thick waisted body & trolls for other men wearing wedding rings(mine). She trowels on several layers of spackle to hide all those deep wrinkles & spots & bats cheap false eyelashes & lays on the sympathy to men whose wives(me) are coming home from work to cook their dinner, wash their clothes & take care of their kids while they sit in a dark( she has to hide how old she looks) bar with this whore while she washes down her Ativan with Moscato & tells them they deserve someone better. She is bitter & angry because her own ex-husband TEXTED her that he had filed for divorce after he had already moved out, has dragged her into court for contempt multiple times during a very contentious divorce & HIS Dad is seeking custody of the kids rather than, in his words, see them pregnant at 15 or in jail. || She feels that she deserves more than an apartment in her soon-to-be late Mother’s house upstairs from a sister who resents her & a brother-in-law who hates her, in a crappy part of town because she lost her showplace house in the ugly divorce, although she still has her kids in that other school system even though she doesn’t live in that district anymore. She sees herself as a Princess deserving a Prince & leaves her bedroom window open for Peter Pan instead of staying sober & awake for her kids. She has passed out & left her kids alone, they have played with all her sex toys, wake up the guys she has sleep over while the kids are with her & she conducts her affairs with married men on an email account that she shares with her young daughter, yeah, she sends nudes, not worth seeing, but she sends them. She floods her Facebook with selfies while driving, with her kids unrestrained in the back of the car & stays at parties after the kids start crying to leave because”Mother of the Year isn’t done drinking”. She likes to taunt wives who confront her with lines like,”I’m single(she was technically married still) & he’s a big boy & can make his own choices.” She also likes to wait till he gets through his own front door to text”I wish you were still in the sheets with me”, whore. She likes to show up at her married”boyfriend’s” house after she drinks her courage right up until last call & drags along her horde of whorish sycophants to try to lure his wife out to fight. She likes to cry that she’s a single Mom but her ex-husband & his girlfriend( her kids call the girlfriend Mom) take the kids faithfully so she has plenty of free time to be a whore. She refuses to stop contacting married men even after their wives & they, the idiots, tell her to go. She refuses to”lose” to the”insecure” wife even though the guy has gotten his head out of his ass & begged his wife to work on their marriage & has told her that. She just can’t stop trying to convince people to pity her even though she is a drug-addled, wine soaked, vicious tempered whore who flings herself at any man wearing a wedding ring, usually several at one time, cries poor when she only wears name brand & never wears it twice & lives in a free house & gets child support from her ex. She bad mouths anyone who doesn’t fall for her lies & likes to claim she knows the court system so no one can touch her. She likes to be”friends” with married men & talk down to their wives about being”insecure”, that’s how it starts, then the crazy starts to show & it’s too late, she never goes away, she never stops raging at the guy & his wife if their marriage manages to survive her, she is all about revenge, even to the point of hanging out where he goes with his wife, a whole different town than where he lives & driving by the house. She can’t handle the fact that she brags that her”boyfriend” will leave his wife to all her nasty friends & then has to listen to them laugh behind her back when he says his wife is worth a thousand of her & she was just a mistake. Don’t even go to the ladies room if you are anywhere near her & you are with your husband, don’t even look away from him, she is 20 lbs of poisonous shit squeezed into a 10 lb bag & she has no shame & no conscience