Complaint: Julie Ryals is an internet bully and spammer. This woman owns multiple sites and she uses them to harass people through the internet. She has been harassing me for over five years because she doesn’t approve of what I do. I first met Julie through her yahoo group the mompack. At first I thought it was a great group until I posted what I do for a living. At first it started with indirect post from other group members. Then out of no where I get an email stating that I had been sending emails to the group members. I tried to explain that I did not spam anyone because I do not send out promotional emails but Julie proceeded to go on and on about me spamming and that she will not tolerate it. I decided to leave the situation alone until one day I had 56 emails in my inbox. When i opened the emails they were all harassing and threatening emails telling me that I need to stop emailing them and I need to stop Harassing Julie. So i Kindly responed to everyone stating that I did not have any of there emails and that I had not sent them anything. Needless to say the emails got worse until I finally blocked them all.This woman would not stop she threaten to ruin my business and my reputation all because she felt I had disrespected her by not backing up one of her bashing emails to another group member. Instead I stood up to her and let know that she was wrong for speaking to the group member that way and that if she needed to speak to her it should be in private not through the group forum. Since then she continues to send harassing emails to me and other people. Here are some links that clearly prove this woman is is thinking of joining this woman needs to take a step back before they end up in lawsuits the way she has.

Tags: Work Place Bullies

Address: Internet United States of America