Couch Ray will tell you that the gym offers 47 days free class but it is a scam. Will make you to sign in the contract just by telling you that it is the admission formalities but will start charging you $597 in 2 weeks. Couch Ray replied: “I already explained to you how the conversation went that we had that day. You specifically asked me to give you one week to see if you feel comfortable, which I didn’t have to do. Therefore, one week later, you were charged. I told you specifically that we had a 60 day money back guarantee for your skepticism. All you had to do was attended your two classes per week we agreed upon when we picked your schedule for 60 days and if you weren’t comfortable at that point, you could invoke your 60 day money back guarantee. The situation is now out of my hands.”. I demand dont make advertisement in the website mentioning 47 days free – it is a scam. Stay away

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