Complaint: I went to the Google support to get help with a problem and was shifted ot this site. This site appeared to be Google Support but I found out too late that it had nothing to do with Google. I was offered a trial offer to snswer my question and told they needed my credit card to enter the trial but woild not charge for helping me solve my problem. They proceeded to make two charges to my credit card although I stopped the offer and never received any help from them. They first asked my for my cell phone number and I do not have one/ I am hard of hearing and prefer receiving help on the internet rather then by phone. I wanted to cancel the offer before any help was given but was not able to find a way so just just exited from the Internet.

Tags: Computer Fraud

Address: Internet USA

Website: I asked Google for help in changing my email to Google from Verizon and was forwarded to this web .