Complaint: On Tuesday 06/14/05 I took my car to Just Brakes located at 3078 Forest Lane, Ste 219 Dallas, TX just off of Web Chapel because I had heard some grinding when I came to a stop the day before and I had previously been told by my dealership that I needed to have new brakes. I normally have all of my car repairs done at the dealership but, for convenience sake, I took it to Just Brakes since this Just Brakes was just a block from work, When I arrived, I was told that in most cases it was $99 for new brakes unless the rotors were in bad shape. About an hour later I received a call and was told that I needed new disc pads, calipers, and rotors all the way around the car. I was told that some parts were rusted out and some parts were sticking when I pressed on the brakes causing more rubbing and wear on the rotors and it all needed to be replaced. Now the price was $846.73. I told them I wanted every single part that they took off of my car. They said that was not a problem. When I went to pick up my car, the price was $891.26. They had failed to tell me that the $846.73 did not include the tax. I paid with a credit card and they put a box of parts in the trunk of my car. On Wednesday morning at 07:00 a.m., I took my car to Huffines Chrysler Jeep Dodge dealership service department to have the brake work inspected and the box of parts in the trunk of my carI wanted to verify 1) That all the parts that Just Brakes claimed to put on my car, actually were put on 2) That the parts in the trunk of my car actually came off of my car since no other brake work had ever been done on it. 3) That the parts that were replaced, actually did need to be replaced. Here is what I found out. The rear rotors did not need to be replaced. The rear pads still had 10 to 15,000 miles on them and the rear calipers did not need to be overhauled. The front calipers were replaced with after market rebuilt calibers and the front calipers that were removed from my car were not given back to me so they could not tell me if they needed to be replaced or not and some of the caliper seals that were given back to me were not off of my car. Just Brakes charged me for disc hardware that Huffines did not have a clue as to what it was since there was no disc hardware in the box of parts that was returned to me. When I returned to Just Brakes to confront them with this, they tried to claim that they “RECOMMENDED”” that I have the work done so I would not have to come back for more work in the future. Sorry

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Address: this was NEVER in any conversation they had with me prior to the work being done. Since then

Website: 3068 Forest Lane, Ste 219 Dallas, Texas U.S.A.

Phone: I have gone on the interenet and I have done a Google Search on Just Brakes and found page after page after page of reports from other people that have had the same experience. When is this going to be stopped? I have contacted the Attorney Generals office and the Better Business Bureau and Fox4. Barbara Lewisville