Complaint: On January 12, 2002, Just Brakes quoted me a price of 99.95 to repair my brakes, they were grinding. About 30 minutes after working on my car, the technician told us the following: RF cracked, rotor bad, pads/shoes/discs needed replacing, and shim kit missing, all with a quoted price of around 180.00–we said alright, fix the car (FYI- mileage around 77k) This summer, some stupid @$$ pulled out in front of me-I slammed my brakes to avoid hitting him, but I still tagged him (needless to say, he was cited with failure to yield, and was arrested for presenting fraudulent insurance cards). My brakes started to squeal after that. On November 18, 2002, my brakes started grinding heavily, and my car was taken back to Just Brakes (I know, don’t ask why) the very next day by my father. He was told that the RF was cracked, rotors were damaged – metal on metal- needed replacing, shim kit was falling off, and calipers needed replacing. The technician then told my father that we were made aware of these thing, and that we declined everything but the brake service-What a bunch of BS!! My father refused, said that was a ripoff, and told them to replace the pads only, and he stood IN THE SERVICE AREA the entier time, watching the tech fix my brakes. It is now 2 days later, and my brakes are one again-squealing!! Surprise, Surprise!!! Today, November 20, I called Just Brakes. “Sam”” answered

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Address: and asked who was calling-so I told him my name

Website: I told him and that my brakes were squealing. He said

Phone: and that my dad brought my car in 2 days earlier ; he then said “”Oh yeah