Complaint: On 12/13/01 I brought in my Ford F-150 for brake repair under the just brake warranty that you hear advertised on the radio all the time. I had 30,000 miles on the brake job that they did before that cost $643. At the time I went in for their $99 brake job I was told my brakes were completely shot including emergency brake cable. I told them that price was outrageous, but they had all the tires off the truck and the brakes torn apart. They assured me of what a great job they would do and how they backed the work with a 50,000 mile warranty. When I took my truck back in the first thing I did was produce my invoice for the first brake job and asked them to check out the problem. I had to leave with my son to make an appointment, but said I would be back in about an hour. When I returned the tires were off and the brakes torn apart again. I was told I needed pads and shoes for the back. I told the salesman I never heard of brake shoes lasting only 30000 miles. Also rotors,wheel cylinders,calipers,caliper pistons, return springs, shim kit, disc hardware, master cylinder,power booster. I asked how could an entire brake system fail after 30000 miles. I was told that was not unusual. The job would be between $500 and $600 not counting the rotors. I told them to put everthing back together and I would be contacting the BBB. I was told that be just fine. After they put things back together my brake pedal went to the floor, which it did not when I got there. I told them that I couldn’t drive it in that condition but they refused to bleed the air from the system. I did manage to get to a mechanic that I trust. He fixed my brakes form half of what they quoted with the rotors. He also told me that whoever worked on my brakes before left off the return springs and a bolt from the caliper. He also said the entire system front to back was full of air. Not only do these people try to rip you off they try to kill you if you don’t allow them to rip you off. I will tell everyone I know about this. This is the worst rip-off business I have ever seen. No one walks out without being taken for a ride.

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