Complaint: My brakes starting making noise so I thought I would take my car into the brake specialists. My thinking was that since they do this stuff all the time, it should be pretty easy and relatively painless. Well, I called and they said that their four wheel friction realign is what I needed from the what I described. I thought $100 to get it out of the way, no big deal. Well, I took it in and they had me come out to the bay with them. I thought that was kinda odd since they had not even looked for the problem. They had my car up on jacks and taking on tires in no time. One of their workers stood with me and made rather friendly small talk while we waited. They also popped my hood before taking off the tires, which I thought was odd. Within minutes, they had their fast talking head mechanic come out and make a list of everything that would need replacing. I just thought it was going to be a simple deal, but he started showing me cracks in pads and uneven wear that indicated “big problems””. The worker assigned to stand by me seemed to be unaware of any problems until they were all listed by their fast talking mechanic. He then became an expert on the problems and quoted me $1000 to fix everything. Needless to say

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Address: I was shocked

Website: I said that I did not have the money for the work they wanted. At which point he asked if I could borrow it from a friend or put it on a credit card. I said that was not possible and they came up with the idea of his manager “”loaning me money””. At this point I ad already decided that all I wanted was my car back. They said it would be 2 – 3 hours before they could put it back together when I was not cooperating. So I made tenative plans to bring it in next week

Phone: so I wanted to call my personal friend who is a mechanic. I could not get in touch with him