Complaint: On November 1, 2002, I took my 1998 Toyota Forerunner to Just Brakes to have my brake pads replaced. The final amount was $317.02, over and above the normal $99.00 charge for a friction reline. The problem is that my vehicle drove worse and was leaking oil when it was returned to me. On November 11, 2002, I went back to Store #88 for resolution. Not only was my problem left unresolved, but the situation escalated. I mistakenly left my copy of the work receipt with them and went back shortly to retrieve it. Upon my return, I noticed the receipt had been altered to reflect a leaking axle seal on the left rear. When I took my car to Just Brakes, there was no evidence of leakage, and even if the seal was leaking at the time I took it in for service, there was no counsel to have it repaired by Toyota. Their repair ticket indicated that they could do the work on the axle seal. When I voiced my concerns to the person involved, the respone was filled with arrogance and discourtesy. Plus, they disputed any thoughts of chicanery on their part. In addition, the service tech who checked my car on November 11th, was conveniently transferred to a store in Baytown, Texas. In my opinion, Just Brakes was deceptive and unresponsive to my concerns. The price for repairing my brakes escalated and along with the leaking axle seal are related to unsatisfactory service. Juliea Houston, Texas

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