Complaint: I brought my 99 Mercury Cougar to the dealership on a Saturday morning, there they told me they did a brake inspection and that they found i only had 5% brake pad left and that it would be $250.00. I told them I would think about it and call back. I took my car to “Just Brakes”” and was told that I needed new “”sensory””pads and 2 new rotors and 2 hardware kits for a total cost of $500 plus dollars. I told them just to put my car back together and I would call back. I dealt with the manager at this location

Tags: Mechanics

Address: his name is Michael. Upon leaving the “”Just Brakes”” location

Website: Florida”

Phone: my car squeaked and shuddered and did many things it DID NOT do upon arriving at “”Just Brakes””. On Monday morning I called the manager at the store and explained the situation