:I bought a Bassett Hound puppy from them Tuesday August 28, 2012 and he had a severe case of Kennel Cough the day after we bought him so due to gbe labor day holiday we took him to the vet ghe following week. The vet told me that his kennel cough made him develop bronchial pneumonia they gsve him a mefication that would last for two weeks and a nebulizer treatment and they wanted me to bring the dog back everyday, which was a 45 minute drive each way, at 7am and pick him up at 7pm so we took the dog to a vet closer to our home and the vet said the same thing and have the dog the same treatment. Saturday morning the dog got worse and so we took him to the emergency animal hospital. They suggested that we bring him to back to just puppies. We took him back and bought another dog but they told me that they would nurse him back to health. Sunday we received a call saying he was improving. Monday they called and said he died. We called the manager Janae and she gave us a very hard time Worth her attitude. She called is incompetent and blamed the entire situation on us. She had aver nasty attitude and she told us her boyfriend, the owner, already knows tbe situation and theres nothing we can do! There were even some racial slurs in ber argument! All i want is a refund or another

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