Outrageous overcharge on my bank account


My Complaint: I went on the site to purchase a pair of boots, which they were advertising for $10.00 with VIP membership. Two days later, I checked my bank account balance, and it was -166.00. There is a pending transaction for 184.76, and it shows charge from VANS Off The Wall. I called Vans, told them what happened, they directed me to Just Fab customer service, they say they can’t do no nothing about it, that the charge doesn’t show on their system. Called Vans back the lady gave me an email, I did not get a response. I’m going to my bank this morning, try to fix this mess. There’s no way I’m gonna let them charge me that. The bill was for $15.69, not $184.76!


My Demand: I need my money returned, was gonna use to do repairs on my car. I’m broke now. $200.00 in the hole.