Justine Burke is a person you can not trust. She is HIV positive and it was found in November 2013 by her than boyfriend by accident. Upon learning of this truth, Justine Burke called the police and filed a false police report to get him arrested because he wanted to leave her. A year later after he left her, he came back to get his furniture that she promised to hold onto, but she filed a false restraining order. Justine Burke is a manipulative liar who works for Metropolitan Ministries. This person is supposed to have core values and care, but her lies and attempts to kill her ex boyfriend with her disease is irresponsible. Justine Burke is hiding her disease from her family and job. She contracted the virus while meeting several men with her numerous Craigslist ad’s in 2012 and 2013 that were all videotaped. This can be proven and a few of the men that she did entangle herself with are willing to testify also that they met her in Brandon at her apartment. Stay far away from Justine Burke and do yourself a favor and get checked if you have slept with her. She is fucking gross!!!