James Wootton replaced the roof on our house in Jan of 2013. Approximately 2 months later the roof over the enclosed porch at the back of the house leaked in many places. This had been an ongoing problem for us and James Wooton said that his method of roofing on areas with low pitch (placing the shingles closer together than normal) would alleviate this problem. Furthermore, he claimed that this roofing technique (placing shingles closer together on a roof with low pitch) was also recommended by shingle manufacturers as a way of handling low pitch areas. In March of 2013 James and his worker came and shoveled snow off our roof because I called him to say that a section of the roof was leaking badly. I called him several times to see what we were going to do about the leaking and his only reply was to recommend the removal of the gutters (so that no more ice would build up and leaking would not occur). I did not find this to be a suitable recommendation and we did not remove the gutters. This year the roof over the enclosed porch leaked even more. We also had severe leaks around the chimney and above our sliding glass door. I have tried to contact Mr. Wooton several times but he no longer returns my calls.

126 Barnes Rd, Watertown, Connecticut USA

(203) 668-3698

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