I called to have A tree taken down so that I could install an aluminum carport. James Wylie came out and looked over the yard and said I had so many dead, dangerous and damaged trees and I needed 27 trees cut down. He said it would be $8500. I said I can’t do that. He said I can take down 17 (But he wrote on the bill 19 trees) trees for $6000. nHe wrote on the bill he would grind the stumps, to me that meant 19 stumps. He said he cut down two trees free. It doesn’t say that on the bill. It says 19 trees cut down and I would take it from that 19 stumps to grind. The stump grinder said he was only getting paid for 17. nWe thought long and hard about it since some were hovering over the house. We have limbs come down in every storm, so we finally decided to have it done, even though we only wanted one tree down, possibly two. That was a whole lot of money and my husband has been out of work since August getting both shoulders replaced. He said two trees would be $1200. 19 trees would be $6000. nHe said the $6000 would cover cutting the trees down, leave them laying on the ground for us to dispose of, stump grinding, chipping up all branches 6″ and under and leaves would be raked up or burned. nI asked him at least three times if he had insurance

he assured me he did and it was in the truck. Everytime I asked him about it he said it was in the truck and he wouldn’t show me the policy. I asked him what the limits were and he told me. He finally told me a few days after the job was done

he had no insurance. If I had known that he never would have stepped foot in our yard. nHe wanted $2000 as a down payment. We gave it to him. nThe first day he came and cut down five trees in about 2 hours and left. Then we had rain for two days. Friday it was bright and sunny

so I figured he would come and work on the rest of the trees. I never heard from him. When he showed up on Saturday

I told him to communicate with me so I would know when they were coming or not coming. that communication was important so we wouldn’t be sitting home for days not knowing if he was coming or not. nSaturday