Complaint: This issue with K. Hovnanian has been going on for over two years. Initially, when I opened this claim with them regarding my bay window leak one of their contractors came out to fix the leak. The contractor patched up the drywall and caulked the outside stating that it was caulking that was the issue however, just 15 days later with another thunderstorm the bay window started leaking from the same exact spot. I made hundreds of calls followed by emails which I have all record of but never heard from the K. Hovnanian. I am very frustrated with the fact that no one ever addressed the problem. Now, after two years I received a letter stating that my service request has been denied due to the reason that the leak is caused by lack of home owner’s maintenance. My questions is that if this is my responsibility why did K. Hovnanian send their contractor to fix the water leak issue? Whey wasn’t it resolved initially? I will never buy my future home of which K. Hovnanian is a builder of. Very poor service.

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Address: 4090-A Lafayette Center Drive, Chantilly, Virginia United States of America


Phone: 1877-832-6231