Complaint: Purchased a “spec home”” from KHovanian Builders in New Kent

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Address: VA because my house sold and I needed a move in ready home. Was told that it was greatly discounted and NO changes could be made even though I offered to pay for such. Patio was separating from front of home when purchased and was assured by Building Supervisor that this was normal. This is not normal as they are building the same model across the street from me and no separation is noted. Their main concern upon move in was giving the building supervisors “”10’s”” on their survey so they would receive a bonus. Every problem was met with a can’t do attitude or “”its normal”” or “”you bought it.”” I have a hole in the siding at the rooftop and a neighbor behind me told me it has been there for at least 1.5 years. This was not noted on my last inspection as it was raining and I was told by the building supervisor that he was going to order a roofing inspection because the house sat for over a year and roofing inspections are mandatory if you want to keep your roofing warranty. This never occurred and so this hole probably has water damage and/or critters living in it. I contacted the customer service God (Paul Huff) and my e mail was met with a standard FOAD e mail and a harsh paragraph basically telling me I am getting no service from Hovnanian. There are numerous other problems in the home that are not going to be addressed according to Mr. Huff because I bought it as is. I did not. I bought

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