I bought an outfit (shirt and capri pants) for my 6-year old daughter. The outfit was on the clearance rack and I only paid $3.00 for the shirt and $4.50 for the pants. When I got the outfit home and she tried it on, I noticed the pants were ripped and they also were a little to long for capri pants. So, we decided to return them for a shirt that she had saw there at another time which was a $20.00 shirt. nI was informed at the front desk that I would not be able to return the outfit for that shirt because I did not have the receipt, even though the tags were still attached to the outfit that showed they were only about a $10.00 outfit, and that I would either be stuck with the outfit (which was also ripped) or trade for one just like it. nSo I looked on the rack for one like that one, and of course there wasn’t another, so she still refused to allow me to trade up. There were no signs that stated this fact and nothing in writing or visible for any other customer to see this policy. nThere is no wonder they are going bankrupt because the company completely sucks. Needless to say, I am still stuck with an outfit that was ripped and to small for my daughter. nWendynLenoir, North Carolina

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