I am writing this today because I am sick and tired of either finding food items I purchased with expired Best if Used Before Dates and also being overcharged for what an item is clearly priced to sell for. Today the item is a pyrex food thermometer with sticker on item to sell for $4.79. Unfortunately I forgot to check when I was at the store. I got home and found on my receipt that they instead charged me 6.99 for the pyrex food thermometer. I will supply pictures of item with sticker price and receipts and refund receipt. This happens to me way ,way,way to often. I am sorry in this day with the power of computers I see no excuse for this happening so often. I wonder as well why are the mispriced items always charged over like over 90% of the time in the favor of the store. I think I will start keeping a log and see how long this continues. Thank You nJohnnVirginia Beach, VirginiaU.S.A.



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