Complaint: I’ve heard horror stories about this place but I didn’t believe them until I had to take my father there for an emergency. We went in and the registration was quick and very caring, but then the nightmare started. The incompetence and arrogance of some of the nurses. They said that there were no rooms available, so they put my father in a bed in the hallway. Later the nurse that came to help my father, looked like she didn’t know what she was doing. Some of the things that she was doing looked as though she had just learned to do them the day before. Then when she took my father’s blood for analysis, I could tell that she didn’t know how to do it. She was just pricking my father’s arm in hopes of hitting the vein. Another nurse that was waiting for her to finish, spoke to her in Tagalog. And just by her tone and facial expressions, I could tell the she was trying to tell how to take blood. Then we had to wait and wait and wait to see the doctor. It looked like they only have one or two doctors for the whole ER because we saw the same doctor all over the place. After the doctor finally saw my father, again we had to wait and wait for the nurse to come. This time she came with another nurse to help in placing the device on my father. Both nurses looked unsure as to what they were doing but they finished quickly and they told my father to change so we could go home. When I was helping my father change, I noticed that they didn’t place the bandage properly and they also left the medical scissor still holding on to the tube. The second time we came, the doctor wanted us to wait for a while before letting him go. Just to make sure and see that he was better before he left. I asked the nurse at the Nurse’s Station if they had a cup, so I could give my father some water. She gave me a look like as if I had insulted her but, she said okay. After that we never heard from her again because she never came or send some in her place. I could see from the room that she was just sitting there and looking at her cell phone and reading a magazine. Half an hour later, another nurse came to the room and again I asked if we could get a cup. She said yes, and I heard her speak to someone outside in Tagalog but no one came back. After sometime my father was discharged but the paperwork they gave us for the cleaning procedure was completely incorrect. During this nightmare, I also observed other forms of complete negligence. A Japanese lady who was requesting water and none of the nurses would bring her a cup of water. It wasn’t until one of her family members went outside and asked the receptionist for water. The receptionist brought her water from outside. The second was of an elderly man who came out of the room wearing socks and a gown only. He looked confused and lost but none of the nurses asked him if he needed help. When he passed by the nurses station, the two nurses just got up and moved to the other side and kept talking to each other. Only when he was down the hall did someone finally help him. It’s very sad to see that this what an ER is in a hospital, such as, Kaiser-Permanente. The CNA’s, the security guards, the janitor, and the receptionist were more attentive to the patients needs.

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