I was emailed about a job offer as payment manager from this person names ross ******,I was asked to recieve an email transfer for 2000$ to my personal bank account and go to a bitcoin atm to purchase bitcoin and send it to the qr code emailed to me through yahoo messenger. The next day my bank account was deactivated because the semder of the money had reported the transfer fraudulant aftet the fact. I have many emails from this ross ******  person stating that it is legitimate, however, after doing research, there is no contact number for this buisness, and the website is not legitimate. When i messaged him that my bank account was reported he told me to lie to my bank about where the money came from, he refused to give me any contact information, i asked if i could speak in person and he kepttelling me that the office wasnt in calgary anymore and they are moved to BC.The contact number on the website is a fake number and the website is not valid. I dont know what to do as i gave them my information upon recieving the job offer at first before i was told i was going to be using my own personal bank account to get the money transfers. I was mislead and lied to and my bank account is now locked. I had expressed that i didnt feel comfortable after recieving the e transfer and he had told me that i cannot send it back and that if i dont complete the task there would be severe consequences.I have many emails to support my evidence.