I purchased bonded leather couch and love seat from Kane’s Furniture. The sales rep that sold me the furniture, told me that they have a lifetime guarantee and bonded leather is strong and durable. I am a single woman, so my furniture is used lightly. The bonded leather started to separate from its backing. Upon more investigation, I found that there are a lot of disatisfied people who also purchased bonded furniture and they are experiencing the same problems. Feburary, 2015 I spoke with a representative of Kane’s and they said that they would order my a new cushion for my couch. April, 2015, call from Kane’s, sorry for the delay, but they are still working on it. December, 2015, call from Kane’s rep with apology that it has taken so long. That there is no sense ordering the new cushion, bonded leather is defective and it will happen to other areas on my couch and also my love seat. She will work on a resolution for me. January, 2016, sorry my claim is denied. I wrote a letter to the resolution dispute manager and received a response, sorry my claim is denied again. February, 2016, I received a call from the general manager and she tried to have a resolution for me, both requests were denied by Kane’s corporate. What I have found out is that Kane’s is suing their American manufacturer because of the defective bonded leather. That customers that purchased furniture with the defective bonded leather and the furniture was manufactured in the US, Kane’s is working with their customers on resolutions to the bonded leather issue. BUT, if your furniture was made from their Chinese manufacturer (as mine was) Kane’s does not have any recourse with them and the Kane’s customer who purchased Kane’s will deny your claim. So, we the customers are paying the price! I purchased from Kane’s because I thought they were a reputable company. I stated to their rep that Kane’s can purchase from anyone they want, but the quality and integrity of the furniture is THEIR problem and that I purchased from them. For 13 years I have been a real estate agent. I work with alot of clients that are moving into Florida. When they ask me if I could recommend a furniture company, I certainly WILL NOT tell them to go to Kane’s. As a matter of fact, I will tell them my story and request that they not only do not purchase from Kane’s, but please spread the word to your new neighbors, family members, and people you work with so they do not get RIPPED OFF from Kane’s as I have been. If you see this on the internet, please spread the word. DO NOT BUY FROM KANE’S FURNITURE!

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